Introducing the Stock Picking Wheel – give it a whirl…

Please note the wheel may take a few seconds to load for the first time… To view a larger chart click on the stock name.  To view analysis on a specific stock click in the centre of the wheel when the wheel is enlarged.


How to make the most of our charting methodology…

Short Term:

Short term view shows 6 six-month charts (left to right from the top): price, relative price, our proprietary VAD indicator*, the 28-day overbought/oversold indicator, the volume bar chart and the 20 day moving average price gap.

*the VAD weights the day’s trading volume according to where the stock price closed within its daily range. This operates under the idea that a day’s buying volume is more significant when the close price is nearer the top of the day’s trading range, and vice versa for selling volume. This is a much more visual indicator than normal volume bar charts and is used to identify potential reversionary action in a stock price at points of divergence between the price and the VAD.

Long Term:

Long term view shows 3 six-year charts: price, relative price and the 56-day overbought/oversold indicator.


Momentum shows 3 six-month charts for different momentum indicators: 20, 50 and 100 day exponential moving averages, the MACD indicator and the 9,3 stochastic indicator.

Relative Momentum:

These are the same charts as in the Momentum category but for the ratio charts of the stock against the wider index.


This is a six-month candlestick chart – a type of chart where daily prices are represented by boxes for open and close and lines for high and low. Boxes are white when close is higher than open and dark when close is lower than open.

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