UK Daily Hotline Stock Service

We aim to provide you with concise market reports and accurate analysis to aid in the timing of UK stockmarket investments.

Powerful web resources
Great online charts, market indicators and computerised signals which select the stocks that require attention today. We currently cover all component stocks in the FTSE All Share index and the FTSE Fledgling index. The system gives the ability to “click through” stocks groups by index or sector order. Alternatively, groups of stocks can be quickly ordered by many variables such as performance or “technical score”.

Daily Trading Ideas
We focus on providing five or six actionable trading ideas per day.  Our analysts look through the signals generated via our proprietary indicators and provide:

Daily Market Statistics
This email report (also published on site) is delivered each evening after the market close and provides a good “first take” on the day’s activity and includes:

  • Index trend changes
  • New stock signals – P&F breakouts, new highs/lows, relative highs/lows, KDRs and more
  • Most actively traded stocks
  • Changes in index and sector breadth indicators

The Daily Hotline
The Hotline is delivered each morning and provides disciplined analysis of market action, breadth indicators and stocks. We provide an ongoing commentary on the trends of major market and sector indices, focussing on both market timing and sector rotations. Subscribers also have access to our model portfolio – technically driven selections of long and short trades.

Chart of the Day
We focus on a particular stock in more detail and discuss its technical characteristics, important levels and the outlook. Both long and short-side trades are identified.


To access our data please subscribe or open a trading account.
To access our data you must either subscribe or have an active trading acocunt.