Why spread bet with Investors Intelligence?

Trading with Investors Intelligence Spread Betting, as opposed to other spread betting companies, means:

  • Tight Spreads – (better value for money)
  • Low Margin and Overnight Financing
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Responsible Trading with Automatic Stop Losses*
  • 24 Hour Trading
  • Live support by phone or email

Low Cost Dealing and Tight Spreads

Investors Intelligence Spread Betting (a trading name of London Capital Group) was launched with the intention of providing all customers with the best service and some of the best value spreads in the market. The main cost to financial spread betting clients is the spread (the difference between the sell and buy price of a product). The wider the spread, the more costly it is for you to trade.

For more information on our Rolling Daily products click here.

Low Margin Requirements

Margin is the amount of money you need in your account in order to open a trade. We offer exceptionally low margin requirements across all our markets, meaning you deposit only a small percentage of the total notional value before opening a trade. For example, the Min IM for the UK100 Rolling Daily is 30, meaning for a £1 trade you need a minimum of just £30 in your account to open it.

For further information on all our margins please click here to see the full range of products we offer.

Wide Range of Products

Investors Intelligence Spread Betting offers you thousands of different products including shares, commodities and metals, currencies and indices. We quote Futures contracts as well as Daily and Rolling Daily contracts. You can make a trade on a variety of these products in just one currency. For further information on the full range of products we offer, please click here.

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Responsible Trading with Automatic Stop Losses

Spread betting is a high-risk activity, but at Investors Intelligence Spread Betting we want you to enjoy your spread betting experience. Every trade you open will have a mandatory/automatic stop loss attached which is designed to help mitigate losses when you open a trade. Please note that stop losses are not guaranteed (unless you specifically select for your stop to be guaranteed), so are subject to slippage which means you may lose more than your initial deposit. Click here for more details about Guaranteed Stop Orders.

24 Hour Trading

‘Many of our markets can be traded 24 hours a day within our trading hours of Sunday 23:00 to Friday 21:15 GMT, including major currency pairs and US indices.

Flexible Orders

Investors Intelligence Spread Betting offers you a totally flexible stop loss facility meaning you can amend or revise stops to suit your needs. You can also create an opening order (with a stop loss and limit attached) to open a new position at a different level to where the market is currently trading or a limit order to close a position when you’ve reached your desired profit.

Professional Browser Based Trading Platform

It is not necessary to download any software in order to access either our demo platform or the live trading interface. This means that you should be able to access your account from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Free Charting Package

The Investors Intelligence Spread Betting website provides a FREE real-time, streaming charting facility which features both charts and diagnostics on all of our spread products. These sophisticated charts represent the Investors Intelligence Spread Betting prices which are derived from the underlying markets. A thorough tutorial is available from the trading platform which walks you through how to use the charting package.

Small Minimum Stake

With Investors Intelligence Spread Betting you can trade from as little as £1 per point across all the markets we offer.

Learn to Spread bet

We don’t expect you to leap into spread betting without any help, so we provide you with comprehensive, online learning tools such as our online Demo Account (which mirrors our live trading environment, other than the variety of products and the need to deposit funds) and User Manual.

Customer Support

Don’t think just because our spreads are better value you’ll get a lesser service – our customer support is second to none. If you want to speak to our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Support team do not hesitate to call +44 (0)20 7456 7589 or email support@investorsintelligencespreadbetting.com

We believe that Investors Intelligence Spread Betting stands out from the competition as the obvious choice for beginners and professionals alike. We are committed to quoting amongst the best prices in the industry and feel certain that this, coupled with our customer service policy, will keep you coming back for more.

Our customers are our most valuable asset and consequently we want your experience with us to be as harmonious as possible. We pride ourselves on our openness and relish client feedback, so if you have any problem or query please call or email us. We are at your service.

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