Derivatives, CFD, Futures & DMA Trading

Investors Intelligence offers access to a single trading account that includes all our actionable trading ideas, analysis portfolios and enables investors and traders to take control of their trading by providing direct market access and exceptional coverage of the world’s financial markets.


Trading account clients get access to all of our research (find out more).  Non-clients can opt to receive our research on a paid basis.  Our propriety indicators form the basis of our research, but what makes it actionable is how our analysts sift through the day’s automated trading opportunities and highlight the key and conviction potential moves. See our research or model portfolio, or contact us for more information.

Saxotradergo-platformTrade from a single account

  • Stocks (with direct market access)
  • CFD (Contracts for Difference with DMA)
  • FX
  • FX Options
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Bonds
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We have a wide range of online trading platforms so customers can choose to trade in the most effective and convenient way for them:

Trade the way you want

  • Over the phone with an experience dealer
  • On a desktop computer with our downloadable software desktop trader platform
  • Through a web browser with our hosted web trader platform
  • On your smartphone or tablet with our mobile trade platform

CFD Trading

  • Access to over 8,700 CFDs including 22 Index-Tracking CFDs, 20 Commodity CFDs and 7 Forex CFDs across 30 exchanges worldwide
  • Total transparency is achieved by trading CFDs on clean exchange prices. CFD pricing is streamed directly to your platform giving you deeper liquidity
  • Alternatively trade CFDs on an exchange DMA basis from over 15 major exchanges
  • Equity research is available directly through our award-winning trading platform
  • Leverage CFD investments by up to 200 times by trading on margin
  • Multi-asset trading; our complete product range is available through any of our platforms
  • CFDs can be short sold, opening up the possibility of showing a profit in a falling market and efficient hedging of current Stock positions
  • Manage positions across multiple currencies with ease from a single trading account
  • Another key advantage of CFDs is paying no stamp duty, although tax rules can change

Cash Equity Trading

  • Access 18,000+ stocks from 30 global exchanges on live prices through your online platform
  • Use up to 75%* of the value of your stock as collateral for trading in margined products such as FX and CFDs
  • Hedge any FX exposure on your investments by trading FX from the same account
  • Build a multi-product portfolio on one trading account. Trade Shares, CFDs, FX, Futures and Bonds from the same account
  • Count on outstanding platform reliability on an award-winning platform

Equity Options Online

  • Hedge portfolio exposure
  • Lock in profits without having to close a position
  • Leverage and protect directional plays
  • Fixed costs and no funding charges
  • Write options as well as buy
  • Bet on falling markets with fixed exposure

Futures Trading

  • 250 Futures
  • 22 major exchanges
  • Direct Market Access
  • Use Limits, Stop-Limit, Stops and Trailing Stops

Options Trading

  • Leverages directional plays with a known loss potential
  • Volatility plays – either positioning for a directional change in volatility or for no change in volatility
  • Multi-asset portfolio hedging against price movements of the underlying assets
  • Opportunity for revenue enhancement
  • 90 Contract Options on Stock, Indices, Commodities, Interest Rates, Bonds and Fore
    No minimum ticket fee or carrying costs

Spot FOREX Trading

  • Trade 169+ Spot FX currency crosses including Gold & Silver
  • Count on excellent liquidity aggregated from top Tier 1 FX providers
  • Experience our low margin requirements – get up to 200 times leverage on the first EUR 300,000 of collateral and up to 100 times on additional collateral
  • Highly competitive Bid/Ask spreads
  • Choose from Over The Counter (OTC) Options, Forward Outrights
  • Versatile order types including limits and trailing stops
  • Trade on live-streaming quotes over our outstandingly reliable trading platforms

FX Options Trading

  • Trade 41 FX Options including Gold and Silver against the US dollar
  • Trade the majority of our FX Vanilla Options OTC without dealer intervention
  • Enjoy low margin requirements with professional netting calculations for hedging spot positions
  • View your net positions and get live prices on Maturities, Deltas and Strikes direct to your trading platform via our cutting-edge FX Options Board
  • Currency Options expiries from short dated to one year

ETF and ETC Trading

  • Trade 2,100+ ETFs & ETCs in the same way as stocks – get easy access to markets
  • Monitor the performance of your ETFs & ETCs using the detailed analysis and charting tools available on your online trading platform
  • Enjoy excellent liquidity and pricing transparency derived from the underlying commodities on physical or Futures markets
  • Benefit from low-expense ratios when contrasted with traditional mutual funds

Bond Trading

  • Invest in a wide selection of Bonds by phone – including Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds in USD, EUR and GBP
  • Use up to 95% of a Bonds value as collateral for trading margined products such as Forex and CFDs
  • Take advantage of trade commissions as low as 0.08% (subject to a EUR 80 minimum or equivalent)
  • Monitor your positions in real-time; access live charts and issuer information
  • Coupons will be paid out as a ‘Cash’ credit into your account in accordance with normal settlement procedures.
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