ResearchSince 1947, our mission has been to generate consistently valuable and accurate investment research for clients, helping them make informed, and better, investment decisions.

Our proprietary indicators are often used in The FT, Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, NY Times and Market Watch.

We have three core services:

  • Research: Generation of intra-day, daily and weekly signals, data, analysis, market commentary and trading ideas
  • Data: Provision of signals and analysis through corporate solutions
  • Trading: Providing access to execution and clearing trading accounts

The company is run from head office in Chelsea, London.  For UK clients we are able to provide actionable trading ideas through our share CFD, equity, bond, FX trading accounts and platform. Our analysis of US stocks and market trends is conducted through our US offices of Chartcraft Inc founded in 1947 by the legendary A W Cohen. Our US operation has been at the forefront of developing analytical tools now in common use – the NYSE Bullish percentage; the Advisory Sentiment Index and the Broad Industry Group Bullish percentages.

Since pioneering the use of point & figure charting in the 1950s, many of our analytical tools have become industry standards such as the NYSE Bullish % and the Advisors Sentiment Survey. We now produce technical analysis based advisories for the majority of international financial markets. Our services are subscribed to by investors, traders and financial professionals around the world.

Our Advisors’ Sentiment Report has been heralding major market moves since 1963.  This survey has been widely adopted by the investment community as a contrarian indicator and is followed closely by the financial media. Since its inception in 1963, our indicator has a consistent record for predicting the major market turning points.

In addition to the thousands of individual subscribers across the world who rely on Investors Intelligence for technical and sentiment analysis, II provides a number of leading brokers, financial institutions and media providers with streamed content including value added data from our systems and editorial content from our highly trained analysts. Available by email, or integrated into client websites, II’s white label and “microsite” analysis tools provide the best in independent research for your staff and customers, though our corporate solutions department.

The other services for the Investors Intelligence global offering are provided by Stockcube Research Limited, regulated by the FCA at Suite 1.23, Plaza 535, Kings Road, London SW10 0SZ, UK – tel +44(0)20-7352-4001.

Our Research Methodology

Investors Intelligence is the source of independent analysis on the financial markets. Our primary focus is that of technical analysis, this being the study of price action. Utilising our extensive in-house systems, charts and tools, our expert analysts review the markets constantly, seeking to identify top trading and investment opportunities at the level of index, sector, pair and individual instruments.

A variety of disciplines are utilised, including, but not limited to:

  • Identification of trends through automated and/or visual review of price charts
  • Identification of relative performance through automated and/or visual review of relative ratio charts
  • Automated scanners, identifying various technical signals including P&F breakouts, Key Day Reversals, MA crossovers and Buy/Sell Climaxes
  • Volume and momentum indicators
  • Breadth analysis of indices, groups of stocks and other financial instruments/li>

Please note that techniques may vary across the range of financial markets, depending on the suitability or viability of each technique to the relevant market.

Buy & Sell Opportunities

Investors Intelligence analysts will show both “Buy” and “Sell” signals in their reports. These are based on our technical analysis methodology and identify areas where we believe that there is a good probability of a successful trade or investment. Please note that “Sell” trades can refer to both disposals and short-side trades and each report should be examined to determine the nature of the trades.

The time period of trades is variable and can be dictated by the markets. Where possible, our analysts will provide technically derived stop levels and targets. Trades are provided as a guide and should not viewed as personal investment advice. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of II’s research for you, you should contact a suitably qualified investment advisor.

Since 1963, our mission is to generate consistently valuable and accurate investment research for clients, helping them make informed, and better, investment decisions.

Users have the option to upgrade to our premium research produced by our internal FCA regulated analysts.  The daily morning reports use technical analysis to highlight potentially profitable trading scenarios across multi asset classes.  There is a set methodology, which is used in conjunction with Stockcube Research to produce market beating model portfolios through these reports:
(Examples can be found in the appendix)

Advisors sentiment
Advisors sentiment portion of US Market timing.  Weekly sentiment analysis of over 100 market newsletters dating back to the 1960s.

Global Trends Weekly Hotline
A macro look at the conviction trading scenarios across all asset classes.

US Weekly Review
A review of the US services

US Stocks Daily Hotline
Pre-market US Stock Market Analysis and Charting (includes ETFs and ADRs) Includes actionable trading ideas with entry, stop and limit targets.  A model portfolio keeps track of our positions.

US Market Timing
US Market Timing: Specialized indicators, including the Advisors Sentiment Index.

Coe Report
Intraday trading ideas for the US stock market.  Portfolio trades are announced ahead of the trade making it one of the most transparent performs available.

Commodities Hotline
Daily email update of international commodities. Model portfolio, online charts & analysis.

International Equity Indices Hotline
Daily email update on major international stock indices. Model portfolio, online charts and analysis.

FX Hotline (Currencies)
Daily email update, model portfolio and online charts & analysis.

Fixed Income Hotline
Daily email update of international fixed income securities. Model portfolio and online charts & analysis.

ETF Global Opportunities
Weekly analysis on US stocks, sectors, commodities and global indices.

UK Stocks Daily Hotline
Actionable trading ideas for the UK stock market with analysis and charting access.  Trades are tracked in our model portfolio for complete transparency.

European stocks
European Stock Charting

Asian stocks
Asian Stock Charting

Japanese stocks
Japanese Stock Charting

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