Corporate Solutions

In addition to the thousands of individual subscribers across the world who rely on Investors Intelligence for technical and sentiment analysis, Investors Intelligence provides a number of leading brokers, financial institutions and media providers with streamed content including value added data from our systems and editorial content from our highly trained analysts.  Available by email, or integrated into client websites, our white label and “microsite” analysis tools provide the best in independent research for your staff and customers.

  • High-quality technically-based analysis
  • US, European, UK, and Asian equity
  • FX, commodity and fixed income
  • Independent editorial and fresh daily content for customer sites
  • Specialist indicators and automated signal filters 
  • Trade-producing ideas

In the US our technical analysis filters and index breadth studies are supplied to the Wall Street Journal. Other organizations utilizing II’s specialist indicators value-added data include Thompson Reuters & the research departments of several leading investment banks.  Our proprietary indicators are often used in The FTBarronsThe Wall Street JournalCNBCNY Times and Market Watch.

UK and European Customers include Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive InvestorIG IndexSelftrade (see example), ADM Securities, RBS, TD Waterhouse, Barclays Wealth and Winterflood Securities.

We have a wide range of advertising, email and promotional opportunities also available, standard rates are here.

To chat about your requirements, or for more information, contact Richard Berry on 00 44 (0)20 7352 4001.

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