Advisors Sentiment Report

Heralding major market moves since 1963

Signals when you need them – near important market tops and bottoms

This survey has been widely adopted by the investment community as a contrarian indicator and is followed closely by the financial media. Since its inception in 1963, our indicator has a consistent record for predicting the major market turning points.

Market Timing

Designed for the intuitive investor: in today’s volatile stockmarket environment “buy & hold” is not always the best strategy. We aim to provide accurate market timing for investors wishing to balance their market exposure in accordance with market trends. This service does not just rely on the study of current market trends but provides a unique contrarian approach to the timing of market and sector exposure.

We anticipate rather than follow trends: our analysis does not just rely on the study of current market trends. Many of our techniques are contrarian studies and therefore lead to early and timely signals of market trend change.

Model Long/Short Portfolios

Our daily morning reports use technical analysis to highlight potentially profitable trading scenarios across multi asset classes including US, UK, European & Asia Stocks, FX, Commodities, Indices and Fixed Income.

There is a set methodology, which is used in conjunction with Stockcube Research to produce market beating model portfolios through these reports.


Trading Signals, Charts & Data

Our automated P&F charting engine is able to provide bull/bear signals with entry and exit points for any stock or asset class.

A variety of disciplines are utilised, including, but not limited to:

  • Identification of trends through automated and/or visual review of price charts
  • Identification of relative performance through automated and/or visual review of relative ratio charts
  • Automated scanners, identifying various technical signals including P&F breakouts, Key Day Reversals, MA crossovers and Buy/Sell Climaxes
  • Volume and momentum indicators
  • Breadth analysis of indices, groups of stocks and other financial instruments

Multi Asset Analysis

We are able to provide actionable trading ideas covering US, UK, EURO and Asian shares, bond, FX, Indices, Commdodities and fixed income. Our analysis has been at the forefront of developing analytical tools now in common use – the NYSE Bullish percentage; the Advisory Sentiment Index; the Broad Industry Group Bullish percentages; and the Industry Group Insider Analysis.

This is an exceptional service and should be in every traders toolbox. Thank you for the great service!” C.C., USA

Mobile Trading Apps

Our mobile software has been optimised for iPhone and Android smartphones, so you can open and close positions, view live prices, and place and amend orders even while you’re away from your computer. You can also view charts and manage your account: all the key trading functions of the desktop platform are replicated on the mobile platform.

Spread Betting

Investors Intelligence Spread Betting allows our clients to trade over 3,000 markets including shares, indices, commodities, bonds, interest rates and FX. Spreads on the UK 100, Germany 30 and Wall Street indices are from 1 point and 0.8 points on currencies such as EURGBP. Clients can trade CFDs or spread bet on desktop, or through our mobile and tablet apps.

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